The Present & Future of Industrial & Commercial Lighting


LED Lighting Products, Services & Applications

At the end of the day, LED lighting has changed the way we see the world. Literally. Because of the large amount of commercial and industrial implications, J&M Electrical Supply carries a wide array of these LED products. Our top of the line industrial lights are designed to use minimal amounts of power while providing maximum exposure and user control. These light fixtures and bulbs are great for just about any job site, stemming from mammoth manufacturing plants to simple storefronts.

Constant Reliability, Consistent High Quality Performance

J&M specializes in LED lighting design for both indoor and outdoor arenas. What will it take to properly light your space? What parts of your property do you want and/or need illuminated? Our team analyzes the situation and discusses the best lighting solutions for your operation. We specialize in high-ceiling areas, parking lots, building exteriors, auditoriums, convention centers, processing plants and oil refinery settings, just to name a few. However, we do not actively service residential situations. Our experience in the field has brought us a great amount of working knowledge and we’ll use this mastery to your advantage.

The Most Popular Energy Efficient Lighting Alternative

Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past. CFLs are currently being phased out. Newer LED lighting technologies are being improved each day and these options provide a modern, contemporary and cooler form of light, all while cutting down on energy usage. By adopting LED lighting options, your operation may be eligible for popular energy rebate programs. Lower your monthly costs and your carbon footprint by partnering with J&M Electric Supply for your LED lighting solutions.

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