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J&M’s Hazardous Location Lighting Services

When it comes to illuminating hazardous environments and atmospheres, all-purpose electrical equipment can cause explosions that could be catastrophic to the job site. J&M Electrical Supply provides its clients with explosion proof lighting options and expertise. Our team is well-versed on all applicable hazardous location classifications, codes and groups. While we specialize in oil and gas facility lighting (Class I), we’re also experienced in a number of other locations, including areas with concentrated metal dusts, carbon dusts and ignitable wood particles.

Heavy Duty Light Fixtures for High-Risk Environments

What’s it going to take to best protect your project site from potential danger? How can you keep an explosion from escaping and igniting the volatile area? Many situations call for heavy aluminum structures and tempered glass to minimize risk. More conductive locations require low voltage lighting options with special transformer specifications. No matter your circumstances, the experienced hazardous lighting specialists at J&M will assess the situation and present you with a safety solution to safeguard your capital investment and, most importantly, your workforce.

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