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The global energy demand has grown exponentially over the past decade, the Oil & Gas industry must stay steady with the increasing needs. The safety and dependability of drilling and pipelines depends heavily on the distribution of the best oil and gas electrical solutions available in the market today.

Strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers provide our customers with quality performing specialty electrical products designed for hazardous areas and harsh environments that meet the standards of today’s oil, gas projects.

Oil & Gas products include: 

  • Hazardous Electrical Equipment
  • Explosion Proof Lighting
  • Utility Lighting
  • Enclosures & Boxes
  • Power & Control Equipment
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable & Wire
  • Fittings & Accesories
  • Quality Tools

Project Spotlight: Strasburg Compressor Station

trasburg Compressor Station is a Columbia Pipeline Group Site located in Strasburg Va. This station feeds large markets in the northeast corridor such as Baltimore and Washington DC during the winter months. Columbia Pipeline Group selected the Strasburg station to upgrade its compression equipment and add horsepower to increase reliability and efficiency as part of its modernization program.

This project was originally scheduled to be completed in October 2015. During the winter of 2013, the northeast experienced record cold temperatures , The stations existing units endured the challenge of keeping up with the demand for natural gas.

In 2014, once winter broke, CPG decided to move the Strasburg project ahead in the modernization schedule, to have a new 20,500hp Titan 130 unit in service and fully operational by October 31, 2014. This expedited schedule posed major challenges to get the project moving and operational by completion date.

J&M Electrical supply worked closely with the electrical contractor to reduce bottlenecks in material pipelines and solve logistical issues with providing hazardous electrical equipment on time and within schedules to meet the challenge. With the teamwork between the electrical contractor , J&M, and our manufacturers and suppliers, the electrical contractor was able to meet and exceed the critical in-service date. Our team supplied  almost 100%  of the hazardous electrical equipment , cable tray , wire , and fittings to complete this project . With close teamwork and attention to schedules and logistics the contractor was able to complete the project two weeks ahead of schedule.

J&M is Ready to Assist in Any Hazardous Environment Situation

The Strasburg Compressor Station project provides an excellent example of our commitment to time sensitive projects and our ability solve complex material supply issues. Our ability to respond to the needs of our clients and maintain a standard of excellence.

Have a project in the Oil & gas industry or want to learn more about our completed projects? Contact J&M today and we will answer all of your questions!

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