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Your 3M Worldwide Electrical Product Supplier

One of the most valued and trusted names in the energy, lighting and electric field is 3M. The brand has established itself as a worldwide leader in a multitude of arenas, but really stands above the rest here. For that reason, J&M Electrical Supply is an authorized dealer and supplier of 3M products for our region. Designed by engineers with ease-of-use and durability in mind, the tools, resources and accessories from 3M are perfect for residential, commercial, oil, gas, mining and industrial use.

Some of the products we carry include: 

  • Electrical Wire Connectors
  • Spring Connectors
  • Crimp Sleeve Connectors
  • Direct Bury Connectors
  • Wire Nuts
  • Bar & Cable Ties
  • Electrical Tape
  • Insulation Displacement Connectors

Versatile and Dependable Electrical Solutions for Your Project

The 3M catalog of products covers the entire spectrum of projects. From small, household improvements to massive industrial endeavors, the company has created a versatile list of solutions for just about any circumstance and environment. J&M has a vast knowledge of these wiring products. Connection tools, installation resources, grounding agents – we’ve mastered them all throughout the years. That being said, our team is always on the lookout for updates to existing products and the introduction of others.

Leveraging Our Experience to Improve Yours

The professionals at J&M have been in the industry for quite some time and will gladly use their experience to help guide you along the quickest and most optimal path to the success of your project. The folks behind the counter, in the shop, in the office, on the road – we all have a great working knowledge of connectors, ties and tapes and we’re ready to extend that expertise to you.

For more information regarding our 3M Worldwide partnership and products, or to place an order for your project, contact us today!

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