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Authorized Provider of Chromalox Electric Controls, Systems & Products

Chromalox has continued to pioneer and innovate within the industrial heating arena. Throughout the years, they have broken new ground in the name of safety, energy efficiency and ease of use. J&M Electric Supply proudly partners with Chromalox by carrying a variety of the brand’s electric products in our store and online. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chromalox is no stranger to the Midwest market and its needs. From commercial locations, to colossal industrial facilities, to energy plants, the company offers a wide variety of services and we extend that offer to our customers at a competitive retail cost.

Some of these products include: 

  • Enclosures
  • Sensors
  • Industrial Heating Systems
  • Storage Tank Heaters
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Heat Trace Cables, Controls & Connectors
  • Skin Effect Heating Systems
  • Power Control Components
  • Industrial Air & Radiant Heating Systems

Temperature Monitoring, Control & Heat Trace Solutions For Your Job Site

When handling large industrial projects, precise and organized control is an absolute necessity – especially if you’re looking to maximize energy efficiency throughout the facility and cut down on monthly energy costs. The catalog of Chromalox products matches and exceeds this need. So many companies throughout the nation rely on this brand for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance. There’s a lot at stake with your new operation. You need a brand you can trust. J&M brings, to you, industrial heating systems and heat trace technologies to deliver an optimal temperature control experience.

Combining Enhanced Engineering & Experience to Promote Efficiency

What makes Chromalox so special? What keeps them ahead of the game? That answer is easy: the company’s everyday push for energy efficient products and constant enhancing of existing industrial and commercial heat systems. The professionals at J&M Electrical Supply understand and promote the Chromalox mission and message. We are well-versed on each product we carry. We leverage that information and this relationship to help complete your project in a timely manner and provide you with a full working knowledge of each piece of your building’s thermal engineering system.

For more information regarding our Chromalox heating solutions and products or to place an order for your project, contact us today!