Supplying the most dependable & cost effective options


Authorized Brundy Electrical Products Distributor

J&M Electric Supply partners with Burndy to help further provide the best options for our regional contractors and customers. For more than 80 years, Burndy has manufactured some of the most reliable electrical connectors and grounding components in the industry. From innovative design, to easy installation, the company clearly crafted its robust line of products with clients and engineers in mind. This attention to detail along every step of the process is exactly why we proudly carry and distribute Burndy tools.

Some of the professional grade products we carry include: 

  • Weldment Connectors
  • Wejtap Connectors
  • Compression Connectors
  • Copper Connectors
  • Aluminum Connectors
  • Cable Cutting Tools
  • Bus Supports
  • Couplers
  • Terminals
  • Cable Ties
  • Connector Covers
  • Heatshrink Products
  • Static Discharge Reels

Providing Electrical Grounding to Various Project Sites

No matter the project, your crew needs a power supply. Vital to that source of electricity is the ability to ground the currents and ensure safety on the job site. These power supplies are great for providing light to a situation and juice to keep the equipment running, but they’re also vital throughout the electrical system installation process. From a wide range of connectors, to a comprehensive list of accessories and installation tools, J&M has the expertise and Burndy products to keep your project grounded.

Quality Assured; Consistency Proven

When it comes to electrical supplies, consistency is key. The product you have grown to learn and trust should be the same today as it was on day one. This is why we, at J&M, promote a strong sense of reliability to any product we carry and distribute. If a more energy-efficient and safer update to an existing product enters the market, we will do our due diligence to, not only learn the ins and outs of that product, but extend that newly found knowledge to the customer. Our professional team is always looking out for you.

For more information regarding Burndy products and the capabilities of these services or to place an order, contact J&M Electric Supply today!