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Your Authorized Midwest Ridgid Tools Distributor

J&M Electrical Supply is an official supplier of Ridgid Tools. We carry a multitude of these products, parts and components to help meet the needs of your project – no matter the size. Across the United States, so many companies call upon Ridgid for their threading, piping and cutting necessities. We proudly partner with the brand to give you, our valued customer, access to the best tools in the industry at a competitive retail price.

Some of these products include: 

  • Pipe & Tubing Tools
  • Wrenches
  • Diagnostics Tools
  • Measurement Devices
  • Cutters
  • Cordless Press Tools
  • Electric Threading Machines
  • Pipe Threaders

Durable & Reliable On-Site Power Tools

From commercial job sites, to massive industrial endeavors, Ridgid has a vast catalog of products to cover just about any circumstance. These tools aren’t meant to just hang on a wall and look pretty. They are built to last for ages and endure some of the most taxing conditions. Dirt, mud, grime, heat, cold – no matter the environment, whatever the weather, these products will hold up without any decline in performance.

Industry Insights & Experience In the Field

We have worked with a large amount of electrical product brands throughout our decades in the industry. We’ve watched as some have faltered and failed, while others rose to top. Ridgid is one of those companies that continues to reign supreme. Since 1923, the company has continued to grow with the times, adapting to new safety regulations and energy efficiency guidelines. By partnering with J&M, you not only get the time-tested quality products of Ridgid, but you gain the insights, expertise and personalized experience of our expert team.

For more information regarding our line of Ridgid products or to make a purchase, contact J&M Electrical Supply today!