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Keeping Your Facility in Check with Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audits

A comprehensive energy audit is the first step in the direction of energy efficiency as many companies in the Midwest look to decrease their carbon footprint and energy costs. J&M Electrical Supply is a solution provider for the AEP rebate program. We take an in-depth look at how things are running and how these processes affect your ROI. Our auditing team has a great number of years of experience working in a multitude of environments and it will use that wisdom to seek out the best solutions and future practices to help turn your company into a lean, clean burning, green machine.

A Strong Push Toward Job Site Sustainability

Rising in popularity, many popular energy companies provide rebates for companies that do their best to cut down on overall usage. This is particularly prevalent throughout the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan area, as industrial plants look to adapt to the new age by using solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies. When it comes down to it, many companies waste upwards of 40% of energy used. That’s money being burned and greatly damaging the environment. To proactively tackle and trim rising energy costs, your company can undergo a audit and review to give your team a new, more sustainable direction for operation.

Our Vast Experience, Leveraged for You

J&M is no stranger to the electricity usage of a job site. We have familiarized ourselves with just about every product and process there is to know. And that’s is just one reason why we are your preferred energy audit service provider. We take goal-driven, methodically-proven approach to creating the best strategy for your business with the main goal of reducing energy consumption. From oil and gas operations, to large manufacturing plants, to power distribution facilities themselves, we are experienced in a great number of fields as to provide you the most complete analysis of your overall energy usage.

For more information regarding J&M Electrical Supply’s commercial and industrial energy audit services or to schedule your audit, contact us today!

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