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J&M Logistics & Supply Chain Management Services

J&M Electrical Supply not only offers you the best products in the business, but we’ll deliver the order straight to your door – or wherever the project site may be located. When it comes to getting your shipment from A to B, we overcome the obstacles and put forth the dedication to fulfill your order in a complete, time efficient manner. Even if your job site lacks a current or permanent address, we will get it there. By partnering with J&M, you relieve yourself of logistical burdens and stresses, allowing your resources and energy to be spent on moving forward, not moving materials.

Our LTL Shipping & 3PL Capabilities

Simply put, we make sure your materials get to the site when they need to be there. We work with our dedicated LTL shippers and 3PL flatbed freight partners to provide you with the best logistical solutions. J&M solves freight problems and we offer direct consultation, when necessary, to ensure that your capital investment arrives on time and in the safest manner possible. We build our logistics plan is based around your company goals and project timeline.

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